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Somesh Rahul - Bringing clarity to complexity via IA / Design and Teaching.

"Designing the next generation chemical search product that can withstand competition from Google"
"A place says a lot about its dwellers. Knitty connects people digitally via physical places."
"Improved NSC's ability to market safety products effectively and coherently."
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"Designing the next-gen self-service cloud platform that enables users to set up cloud services without needing premium help-desk support."
"At the time when quantified-self was gaining traction, we braved to quantify social interactions."
"We leveraged the multi-ethnicity of our team to design an app to help travellers with prevailing social norms in foreign countries."
"Websites have complex navigational patterns. Understanding navigational patterns is key to understanding taxonomical integrity. This python crawler is designed to traverse any website like actual users."
"Our thinking and behavior are deeply affected by culture. Understanding cultures from diverse countries positively impact our perspective. Surprize Me is a website to stoke cultural curiosity."
"Our school used Digication as a portfolio creation software. We were unhappy with it, so we evaluated it and gave recommendations."
"Users have been struggling since past 20 years to get relevant formulation information out of the patents. Designing a tool that assists user easily access formulation information from patents."

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