Assess Digication School Project

The Problem:

School of Information at U of M used Digication as a portfolio management software. The software had multiple workflow issues, and the created portfolios were not up to the standards.

The Solution:

My team and I worked directly with the Career Development Office. We evaluated Digication based on the UX process. At each stage, we presented findings and recommendations. CDO presented our findings to the Digication and revoked their contract.


Interaction Mapping, User Interviews, Personas, Survey, Comparative Evaluation, Heuristic Evaluation (Nielsen's 10 Principles), Usability Testing


Andrew, Rohit, Terence, Ying

Interaction Mapping

To get the lay of the land and make ourselves aware of the entire system, we did the system interaction map. This phase helped us know the major workflow issues and was especially useful to design the usability test tasks.

User Interviews

Research Questions:
  1. What is the ideal portfolio system that users would like to have?
  2. Why are users not using Digication to create portfolios outside of class?
  3. How do users experienced with coding and creating online portfolios view Digication?
Key Findings:
  1. Users are not fully aware of Digication’s ability to incorporate features to customize online portfolios.
  2. Digication does not have the ability to produce unique online portfolios.
  3. Users who self-identify as needing an online portfolio already have one by the time they are introduced to Digicatio.



Research Questions
  1. How satisfied are users with Digication?
  2. How do different types of users perceive Digication?
  3. How have/do users interact with Digication?
  4. What are users' ideals for online portfolio creation tools and methods?

Comparative Evaluation

Key Findings:
  1. Compared with other systems, it is difficult to login to Digication, particularly for students who are no longer in the PEP class.
  2. Portfolios created in Digication are not as professional as those created in competitor systems.
  3. Comparatively, both the portfolio and course management functions in Digication are not intuitive and are hard for new users to learn.
  4. Digication’s method of uploading content is not intuitive and is unnecessarily complicated.
  5. Digication does not have much flexibility in how portfolios are created, which produces unoriginal end products.

Heuristic Evaluation (Nielsen's 10 Principles)

Core Tasks:
  1. Creating a new portfolio
  2. Edit portfolio
  3. Find a thread in the discussion section about the philosophy statement
  4. Find a portfolio of an HCI student who worked in the Bay Area

Usability Testing

Usability Testing Tasks:
  1. Create a Portfolio
  2. Edit/add content to a Portfolio
  3. Find and comment on a discussion post
  4. Search for a portfolio of a particular specialization


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