Knitty An app to connect people digitally over physical spaces.

The Problem:

We visit any place/space because of some interest or any goal, and so do other folks around us. Is there a way to harness this common interest or goal and convert it into a common ground for two strangers to connect and talk with each other? Can places be alive and express what's happening to them via voices of people?

The Solution:

Knitty is an app that connects users in a common space. Additionally, users can share their experiences with any space, and those experiences will be visible only to people in that space. To simplify, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".


Creative Co-founder, Product Strategy, Guerilla User Interviews, Capability Map, Capability Feature Functionality Map, Sketching, Wireframing, Hi-fi Mockups and Prototype


Vikesh, Shikhar, Akash

Guerilla User Interviews

Research Questions:
  1. Is college student the right target audience? Is there any sub-set within the college-student audience that we should target?
  2. What are the users' pain points and frustrations in meeting with new people?
  3. How are user' make friends in college - what are the common grounds?
Key Findings:
  1. Users want to connect with each other in a physical space, but struggle to find a commonality to start a conversation with any stranger.
  2. In general, the idea of putting faces to physical places was appreciated by the users.
  3. Freshmen are new to college and are going through the phase where they want to connect with new people and make friends; hence, they are most in need of this app.

Capability Map

This map identifies the core capabilites that the MVP should have in order to suffice user needs.

Capability Feature Functionality Map

Expanding the capability map to features and functionality list.


Nothing gets the ideas traverse faster than lo-fi sketching.


I wireframed the basic capabilities and features and then wireframed the touch interactions.

Hi-fi Mockups and Prototype


Contact: | @SomeshRahul