National Safety Council Site Redesign

The Problem:

  1. Scattered unfindable content spread across multiple domains, some of which didn't have proper branding.
  2. Improper balance between advocacy and business content.
  3. Business content needs to focus primarily on selling safety products, including training and study material.

The Solution:

  1. Consistent navigational and page structure across all sub-domains.
  2. Balance the advocacy and business content across all the websites using color-coded content templates.
  3. Action driven site taxonomy and labelling encouraging users to take both advocacy actions and shopping actions.


Information Model, Taxonomy Generation, Sketching, Wireframing, Content Templating, Hi-Fi Comps


Dan, Joe, Kaarin, Daniel

As-Is State Information Model

Key Insights:
  1. Fewer informational entities (websites, sub-domains) and actors serving advocacy side than business side.
  2. Organizational entities are geared and focused towards serving business side.
  3. No real connections between advocacy side and business side.

Taxonomy Generation


First, we created rough hand-drawn mockups on butcher paper for discussion. These were some of the sketches by me.


I worked on creating detailed website wireframes with specifications. TUG delivered 30 wireframes in total and I worked on 50% of them, with 30% of them were just me.

Content Templating

NSC was using Microsoft's SharePoint as an underlying CMS; therefore, we had to create templates from the wireframes with content widgets clearly detailed out. Here, Blue is for Business, Pink for Advocacy and Brown is for Both (i.e. any of the two).

Hi-Fi Comps

Worked with Visual Hero in Grand Rapids to create these hi-fidelity compostions.


Contact: | @SomeshRahul