Social Me School Project

The Problem:

As graduate students, we're always burdened with studies. Is there a way to still maintain work-life balance?

The Solution:

Social Me is a quantified-self app that comes with a wristband. It helps the user identify if she's giving enough time to her social self. In addition to, Social Me helps the user know more about themselves by enabling them to reflect on the quality, type and the social group with whom they have these conversations.


Project Management, Diary Studies Research, Personas, Sketching, Designing, Prototyping, Experience Testing


Elsa, Morgen, Ying, Rohit

Diary Studies Research

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Research Question:
How do individuals define, categorize, and group their social interactions?

Top Findings:

  1. All participants define face-to-face interactions as “social interactions”, while some tracked phone, text, and various other online interactions
  2. There exists a gap between people’s perceived social interactions and actual social interactions.
  3. People think about, categorize, and reflect upon their social interactions in vastly varied ways.
  4. People are interested in seeing the “bigger picture” (with regards to their social selves) rather than granular details about their social interactions.
  5. Overall, there appears to be genuine interest in a tool that might help an individual understand his/her social interactions.


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We personified our interviewees into three personas. These personas were the guiding rails for key design decisions.


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Each team menber did this individually, and then we combined the best features to create the mid-fi design.


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Some of the screens that I designed.


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Experience Testing

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Top Findings:
  1. Overall, the physical interaction and flow of using the wristband was not intuitive.
  2. There is a poor feedback loop between the wristband and the user (user doesn’t know what to do with wristband, or how to properly interact)
  3. Different users were able to derive different possible benefits from using Sociably — hence, the application is “neutral” enough to cater to a wide range of audiences.
  4. Overall, the flow of the interface is intuitive and it was easy for users to move through the app and accomplish tasks overall, users are trying to connect Sociably’s functions and definition of “social” to existing online social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc — which is causing some confusion.

Social Me

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