Surprize Me School Project

The Problem:

Cultural diversity was very evident after I came to the USA. I was intrigued, but at the same time had to prioritise studies over learning about different cultures. Is there a way we can stoke our cultural curiosities even before we're forced to live in a culturally diverse society?

The Solution:

"Surprize Me" is a website that tries to excite the cultural inquisitiveness that each individual holds. With this website, a person can either request gifts from or send gifts to individuals living in foreign countries. "Surprize Me" encourages users to send or receive gifts that have some cultural / personal significance so that the receiver could be motivated to explore and learn about the culture and the country from where he received that gift.


Brainstorming Solutions, Concept Mapping, QOC Analysis, Paper Prototyping, Axure Prototyping

Brainstorming Solutions

The aim of this phase was to come up with over 50 design sketches focused on solving different problems within the design space.

Concept Mapping

Information modelling of the solution. Making sure that each of the parts are well connected and the systme flows well with the user.

QOC Analysis

Great technique to prioritize features/functions.

Paper Prototyping

Axure Prototyping

Surprize Me

Contact: | @SomeshRahul