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Making Your UX Process Effective and Persuasive with Web Analytics Midwest UX 2015

Despite the fact that over 80% of websites collect analytics data, it is almost never systematically used to support user experience. In this workshop, we show how to make your UX practice more effective by combining the quantitative power of behavioral web analytics with the qualitative power of traditional UX methodologies.

The full-day workshop will cover theory of combining web analytics and UX practices, practical training on how to use analytics, and a case study describing how analytics was used for a niche ecommerce site during a significant redesign effort.

Information Architecture - What, Why and How Ignite UX

With this small presentation, I emphasized the role of Information Architects for building digital places. Architecture, as a domain, has withstood for more than thousand years, and there are several disciplines and principles within architecture that can be inherited for doing design work.

Utilizing Web Analytics’ Big Data: A Hierarchy Blog Post at TUG

Anyone who owns a website, web application, or any mobile app is also probably using web analytics tracking code with it. However, implementing these systems isn’t a straightforward process, and, often we find flaws in how sites have been instrumented.

At TUG, we consider this a missed opportunity. In this era of web analytics, tools have become highly sophisticated in tracking your users, yet are simple enough for interpreting collected data.

Web Analytics on Steroids Blog Post at TUG

Conventionally, web analytics data is used to track marketing campaigns and study return on investment (ROI). But, with the advancement and sophistication of user data tracking, it can also be one of the most powerful beacons that information architects, UX designers, and user interface developers use to find their way through the midst of research data and design requirements.

In order to use web analytics as a lighthouse to guide our design ships to the harbor, it’s essential that it functions flawlessly for existential reasons like marking dangerous coastlines, finding hazardous shoals, and sometimes assisting in aerial navigation.

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